"I played my latest composition without your Channel Strip. What a difference, no punch, sounded really dead. I honestly think it's the best VST I have and I've tried lots of similar products."
Bob Bloomfield (Producer, Composer) about CS-STRIP87

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TrasnReckon - Trailer TransReckon - Tutorial


EARebound - Trailer EARebound - Some more details EARebound - Presets and Random EARebound - Create your loops


EAReverb 1/3 - Earthy EAReverb 2/3 - Algorithmic EAReverb 3/3 - Working on The Bright Side EAReverb - Sounds And Gear review eaReckon EAReverb - Gated Reverb Tutorial

EAReverb SE

EAReverb SE - Trailer EAReverb SE - Simulated Live

ANALOG87 Series

CM-EQUA87 ANALOG87 Series (PluginBoutique)


Sounds and Gear :: Turn your PC into a VST rack BloXpander - Routing Multiple Outputs of a Plugin

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